Admission 2012
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Founder's Message

Late Dr. Thomas Cangan
Founder IIRM Network
of Institutions
"Look at this youth who is carving himself out of a hardrock.This is how a professional is born. You have to carve-out yourself into a perfect & successful professional by using the tools and techniques we teach you to hold and imbibe while you are in this campus."


The Institute believes in all-round development of the students rather than just classroom exposure. Therefore, the students are encouraged to undertake various co-curricular activities and projects which proceed in tandem with regular classes. Various student committees such as Cultural Activities Co-ordination Committee, Placement Committee, Sports Committee, Newsletter Editorial Committee etc. where students actively participate under the guidance of faculty members are constituted in the Institute. Thus, the students are made to feel that they are already management professionals and therefore need to sharpen the decision making skills in every sphere while they are still in the Campus.

There are many activities throughout the year in the Campus that almost each student gets an opportunity to exhibit his/her hidden talents. Most reluctant students are encouraged by the faculty members and senior students and brought to the fore-front to take up challenging assignments. The students are also encouraged to organize workshops and seminars in which eminent personalities in the relevant fields are invited to participate.